Ta Daaa!

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello! How exciting a very first proper entry! Not just the one telling you that I will (eventually) get around to writing something here!

Welcome to “Workings of Rin”! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Rin (yes really!) and I am the Programme Administrator for Cambridge Kung Fu. Cambridge Kung Fu is an awesome martial arts company based in Cambridge (UK not America) where we teach Wing Chun, Escrima Weapons Concepts and Tai Chi Chuan to adults. Give children from the age of 4 – 11 the opportunity to experience a whole range of different martial arts so that they can see what’s out there waiting for them. 11 – 16 yr olds are taught a more condensed version of the adults’ Wing Chun in our Youth Kung Fu classes. Our company motto is: “It’s about who you are, not what you’ve got that matters!”

However the point of this blog is not to brag about how amazingly, stupendously and spiffingly awesome Cambridge Kung Fu is (although I could gush all day). This blog is to help people who may or may not have children that attend our classes understand what our aim is in not running our kids classes like a traditional martial arts class and how we go about achieving these aims.

At Cambridge Kung Fu we believe in giving children the opportunity to develop their confidence, inherent feelings of self-worth, self-awareness and many other skills that they can take away with them to help them lead a happy, healthy and successful life. We do this by structuring our classes so that the children are constantly challenged (at an appropriate level) to coordinate their bodies, build self-awareness, problem solve and adapt to change positively! By teaching the children different martial art forms and playing fun and interesting games we give them different experiences that support them in their journey of walking the path of a Kung Fu Master (a concept that runs through our classes with the aim of inspiring the children to live great lives!)

My job is to support all of our Programme Coordinators (Adult, Youth and Children) so that we can provide the best experience for the people that attend our classes. I also research how children develop (I did an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Bangor University) and work with my colleagues to find the best way to apply what I have learnt to make the classes more beneficial and engaging for the children, we aim for continuous improvement. The information that I find and what I learn from it is what I shall be sharing with all of you wonderful people on this blog. However, please bear in mind that this blog will be sharing my opinions on what I find and these are not necessarily held by all of the staff at Cambridge Kung Fu.

I hope you will join me as I learn more and more about these fascinating little people we call children (it’s particularly enlightening for me as my not so little girl is rapidly reaching that stage!) and please feel free to share any interesting links or information that you may stumble across. Hopefully we can work together to help make Cambridge Kung Fu Kids Classes the best environment for any child that enters the world of Martial Arts.



Hello and welcome to The Workings of Rin! Please bear with us for a little bit as we are still constructing this blog. In the meantime if you’d like something to do why not check out the classes my company do for children and adults? You can either click on one of the menus above or follow this stealthy ninja to find out what we’re all about.

See you soon!